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Women’s Bureau

The SDA is committed to actively seeking improvements in the industrial, social, and economic conditions of women.

Journey Insurance

The SDA’s free Accident Insurance Scheme has been extended to cover journey claims* so members who are injured travelling to, from or between places of work are insured.

Workers’ Compensation Advice

If you suffer an injury or disease which is caused, aggravated, exacerbated or accelerated by the work you do, the workers’ compensation system providesbenefits to compensate for the injury or illness. Workers’ compensation benefits are available to all employees whether they are full-timers, part-timers or casuals, managers or trainees.

Enterprise Bargaining and Awards

The SDA is involved on an ongoing basis in the improvement of the wages and working conditions of our members.

Industrial Advice and Protection

As an employee, your work-related legal entitlements are set down in various Awards, Agreements and Acts of Parliament. These entitlements include sick leave, penalty rates, wages, overtime and annual leave.

SDA Info Centre

Members regularly contact the SDA to find out details relating to their wages and working conditions. Whether it is a question about your hourly rate of pay, or advice on dealing with your manager, our Information Officers are able to assist you.
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