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SDA NSW & ACT [created]
02/14/2018 - 09:44
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SDA NSW & ACT [created]
02/08/2018 - 09:39

December trade figures released this week showed a drop in retail spending. The NSW Government’s decision to allow trading across the state on Boxing Day was a complete failure.

SDA NSW Branch Secretary Bernie Smith has called for Boxing Day trading to be reviewed by the NSW Government and also for the federal Turnbull Government to reverse penalty rate cuts and support a decent pay rise for Australian workers. (See media release here)

The December retail trade figures show that no one benefits from Boxing Day, trading. Workers lose valuable time with their family and friends, with no benefit to the economy.

It’s not just the NSW Government that should reconsider Boxing Day trading. The Federal Government should also be looking at these figures carefully. Instead of supporting penalty rate cuts last year the Turnbull Government should reverse the cuts and support a decent pay rise for retail workers in the upcoming national wage case before the Fair Work Commission.”

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SDA NSW & ACT [created]
02/07/2018 - 17:21

SDA and Woolworths Start Negotiations!

Today the SDA met with Woolworths to begin negotiations for a new Woolworths Agreement.
Late last year, Woolworths SDA Delegates from across the country came together to discuss our approach to negotiations.
During those meetings, SDA Delegates passed resolutions which support our list of claims to take to the Company to ensure:
• Wage increases for everyone
• That your take-home pay is protected
• Penalty rates are improved
• Your hard-won SDA Union conditions are secured

You can read our log of claims on https://www.sda.com.au/woolworths/

Remember, no proposed Woolworths Agreement can be put in place without a vote of all employees. You will have the final say when it comes to any new Woolworths Agreement.

We will continue to update all members throughout negotiations.

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SDA NSW & ACT [created]
02/07/2018 - 07:30

Next week, voting on the new proposed Coles Supermarkets Agreement will begin.

If the proposed Agreement is voted up, Coles workers will receive improved penalty rates for working on nights and weekends, as well as improved roster protections.

We know penalty rates make up an important part of take-home pay for many Coles workers. The improved penalty rates on evenings and weekends is a great outcome for workers as we continue to protect penalty rates for working unsociable hours.

We also know that how many hours you work and having a regular roster is an important part of managing your work & life balance. The proposed Agreement provides greater security over your hours of work; part-time contracted hours cannot be reduced.

The proposed Agreement also provides that if Coles wants to change rosters they must consult with employees about any changes. Both these improvements in the proposed Agreement will provide more certainty over work hours.

As part of the new Agreement the SDA has also worked hard to:

• Protect your take-home pay
• Ensure pay rises for all Coles workers
• Secure hard-won SDA Union conditions such as voluntary work on public holidays, better breaks, superior leave provisions (including parental and compassionate leave) and rostering protections.

If you have any questions about the proposed Coles Agreement, please call the SDA on 131 732 or speak to your store SDA Delegate.

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SDA NSW & ACT [created]
02/06/2018 - 11:41

Wet'n'Wild have dropped their price for the end of season which means our Family Day tickets are now cheaper than ever at just $25 per person. Order by Friday at sdansw.org.au/shop

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