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Wage Increase in Officeworks

An interim pay increase under the Officeworks Agreement 2012 will be payable from the first full pay period commencing on or after 1 April 2015. A summary of the hourly wage rates for permanent and...

Woolworths Preferred Dress Update

  Recently, the SDA met with key Woolworths personnel to resolve some questions in relation to preferred dress. The following points were clarified.

Work on all Public Holidays in Woolworths Supermarkets is Strictly Voluntary

Recently, some Woolworths Supermarket members have contacted the SDA with reports that some managers are telling them that they are required to work on some of the Easter public holidays. This is not...

Your Entitlements over Easter and Anzac Day 2015

You can now view leaflets setting out your entitlements over the public holidays of Easter weekend and Anzac Day, including trading restriction rules where these apply.

What Difference Does the Union Make for Me?

Did you know that a range of working conditions and entitlements that many workers take for granted were secured by Unions? If workers never joined a Union, then a range of benefits and conditions...

Luna Park member offer

SDA members can get great value on unlimited ride passes for our Luna Park members day on Sunday 30 August.

Workplace Surveillance

Workplace Surveillance has been updated. In New South Wales: CLOSED CIRCUIT TELEVISION (“CCTV”) IN THE WORKPLACE

Big W Store Administration and Cash Office Changes

Big W Store Administration and Cash Office Changes As you would be aware, Big W has announced the implementation of a new system which will affect some employees in stores. This Union News provides...

Working on Public Holidays

Working on Public Holidays Do you work on public holidays? Are you happy to or not? If not, do you know what your rights are? The Union would like to learn how widespread concerns with public holiday...

Wage Increase in Myer

Wage Increase in Myer SDA members will receive the first wage increase from the first full pay period commencing on 1 February 2015. A summary of the current hourly wage rates for permanent and...