Your Easter Entitlements 2016

Changes at Masters Home Improvement

Dick Smith Update

Pay Rise at Target

Pay Rise at The Reject Shop

Pay Rise at BWS

Pay Rise at Coles Liquor

A pay increase under the Coles Liquor Group Retail Agreemen 2014 will be payable from...

Pay Rise at K Mart

A pay increase under the Kmart Australia Limited Agreement will be payable from the first full pay period ...

Pay Rise at Myer

As a result of negotiations between the SDA and Myer, a wage increase has been agreed to. Sign in as a member to see more details.

Pay Rise at Woolworths Supermarkets

The SDA has been negotiating for pay rises and a new Agreement with Woolworths Supermarkets. Whilst negotiations continue, the SDA has won an interim pay rise which Woolworths has agreed to pay.


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