SDA Launches Massive Legal Action Over Unpaid Work at McDonalds Banner

When it comes to working out what you should be paid for, your rights are clear.

If you’re required to work or complete a work task, you must be paid for it – it’s as simple as that.

But this hasn’t been the case for Maccas Managers and Supervisors.

That’s why the SDA is running a Class Action against McDonald’s to pursue backpay for managers and supervisors who had to work unpaid.

The SDA has uncovered that McDonald’s and its franchisees have been systematically and deliberating requiring managers and supervisors to work without pay before and after their rostered shifts.

Workers had to work up to 30 minutes before their rostered shifts and up to 30 minutes after their shift ends and weren’t paid for it.

This works out to 60 minutes of free work being completed per shift, per manager and supervisor, per store.

We estimate that managers and supervisors have been underpaid millions in wages over 6 years.
This is wage theft on a colossal scale and it’s not on.

Through the Class Action, we’re seeking:

  • McDonald’s and its franchisees to backpay workers for working for free; and
  • McDonald’s and its franchisees to be penalised for these breaches.

Am I eligible for backpay?

This action automatically covers all shift supervisors, department managers, assistant restaurant managers and restaurant managers who have worked at any McDonald’s store in Australia over the last 6 years.

This includes former McDonald’s workers, you do not have to currently be working at Maccas to be eligible.
If you’ve worked at Maccas as a manager or supervisor and you may be eligible for backpay as part of our Class Action.

You can sign up for updates here.

You do not have to pay legal fees to join the Class Action. The SDA’s intention in bringing this Class Action is to recover for McDonald’s workers 100% of any underpayments which the Court may find are due to them.

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Friday, December 22, 2023