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The SDA is deeply disappointed by the Fair Work Commission’s decision to cut Sunday and public holiday penalty rates for retail and fast food workers covered by the Award with no compensation to their base rate of pay.

The vast majority of SDA members are covered by an SDA-negotiated Agreement - this means the Fair Work Commission’s decision will not immediately impact your take home pay.

However, it will make it more difficult to negotiate around penalty rates in new SDA-negotiated Agreements in the future.

Rest assured, the SDA will, as always, continue to protect your take-home pay and argue the importance of fair compensation for working on Sundays and public holidays when we sit down to negotiate a new Agreement with your employer.

With your support we have fought hard to protect penalty rates, signing up over 46,000 supporters across the country and making a strong case in the Commission.

Today’s decision to slash the take-home pay of hundreds of thousands of retail and fast food workers covered by the Award is a devastating outcome for working families across the country.

At a time, when wages growth is at a record low – Australian workers need a pay rise not a pay cut.

This decision will mean retail and fast food workers covered by the Award will lose out on more than $1 billion each year while not creating a single extra job.

This is devastating for workers and their families.

It is an outrage that the Turnbull Government has sat on its hands as employer groups have fought to cut penalty rates – it can’t sit by and allow take home pay to be cut.

We must remind them that a cut to penalty rates and pay will hurt workers and their families.

Take action now, and call on Malcolm Turnbull and the Liberal Party to protect penalty rates:
1.    Email Malcolm Turnbull & Liberal MPs
2.    Sign up to the campaign

All workers will be affected by this decision, now is the time to join our campaign and sign up a friend to the SDA too. The more members we have, the stronger we are when it comes to bargaining for better outcomes for all workers.

Thursday, March 9, 2017