Easter Sunday public holiday a win for ACT workers Banner

The ACT Government's announcement that it will make Easter Sunday a public holiday is a big win for the territory's workers and families.  

SDA Secretary, Bernie Smith, said that the move shows the ACT Government respects and understands the sacrifices weekend workers make.  

“This is a fantastic outcome for ACT workers, particularly those in sectors such as retail who work on weekends,” Mr Smith said.  

“No matter what your religious beliefs, Easter is an important time for workers to be able to spend relaxing with friends and family. 

"This will allow workers the opportunity to take the time off to celebrate the Easter period, or to be adequately compensated for working while most of the country is relaxing. 

"The ACT Government should be congratulated for putting the needs of the community first.  

"Next Easter is going to be a special one for workers in the ACT." 
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